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Physiotherapy Services in Eldoret

At Grand Royalcare Medical Eldoret, we offer quality physiotherapy services to a wide range of people with different needs.

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Physiotherapy for Old People in Eldoret

For older individuals that we serve, our physical therapy services are geared to increasing the mobility and flexibility of their joints and muscles.


Because, let’s face it, as we tend to grow older, our joints and muscles tend to become weaker and weaker.

Mishaps, accidental falls are common. So, we need a way to address such problems.

When physical therapy is done regularly to these old people, which it should be, it boosts the health levels of the patient, reduces effects of ageing of the body as well as eliminate any age-related problem.

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Physiotherapy for Disabled

Physiotherapy can be done to people with disabilities to help them participate in the physical activities they are interested in. For such classes of people, the therapy improves motor skills, increase body safety as well as help the individual fit in back into the society.

As per the World Health Organization, everyone should have at least 150 mins of physical activity per week. When this is done, it increases the strength of your muscles, improve joint movements as well as boost body endurance and balance.

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Located in Eldoret, the home of champions, Royal Care Medical knows so well that we are surrounded by iconic sportspeople who need physical therapy to help them with optimal performance in the tracks.

Physiotherapy helps manage sports related injuries. It restores optimal function of your body.

The therapy done before and after practise increases the chances of high performance and rehabilitation if injured.

This is all done by organizing therapeutic physical exercise sessions and massages.

  • Massages to ease soft tissue pain

  • Manipulation of joints

  • Electrical stimulations to help muscles contract that cannot do so on their own

  • Promoting healing of sores on diabetic people or those with post amputation wounds.

Our Physiotherapy Packages

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