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Breastfeeding dresses in Kenya: What to Look Out For When Buying One

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

For the 21st Century working woman, breastfeeding does not mean that you must ditch fashion and look like something that the cat dragged from some dirty place.

No, you want to remain trendy while making it easy to nurse your baby.

What To Look For When Buying Your Best Breastfeeding Dresses in Kenya

In this article therefore, we will look at what you need to consider while choosing the best breastfeeding dresses in Kenya.

--Cotton material

The good old cotton material is soft and comfortable to wear.

While choosing your breastfeeding dresses, always think cotton.

Cotton material also quickly absorbs any milk spills that you might have.

--Stretchy fabric

You want a dress that is stretchy especially along the neck and breast region so that you can easily remove your boobs to nurse your baby or express yourself at work.

--Easy to open zip around the boobs so as to express with ease

One great hack that fashionistas have devised for Kenyan nursing moms is having dresses that have a zip around the boob region.

With it, you are able to easily express yourself without too much of a struggle.

--Cross V neck

Low stretch and cross V necks are a good pick for Kenyan breastfeeding mothers since you are able to remove your boobs and breastfeed your baby.

--Buttoned dresses or shirts

A buttoned dress is always a great choice since when you want to breastfeed, all you do is unbutton yourself, bring the baby to the breast and cover yourself appropriately with a cloth.

Other than buttoned dresses, you could choose to wear a button down shirt and it will still serve the purpose.

Our Recommendations for best breastfeeding dresses in Kenya

1. The Swahili Dera

One of the most recommended breastfeeding dress that we found online was the Swahili Dera. The dera is a loose fitting, comfortable dress that is made of light fabric. It has a good air circulation which is what every postnatal mother really does want. It is made of cotton material.

For breastfeeding purposes, it would be ideal if your dera has a side zip to allow for easy nursing and expressing.

If you are a working mom, you will want to pick a colorful dera that shows that you still got oomph even when nursing.

2. The African Kitenge

The Kitenge is another beautiful fabric that you could have custom sewn for your nursing journey.

Though not made of cotton, it is easy to tell your tailor exactly how you want it with low neck, buttons at the front or zip for easy breastfeeding.

To ease your breastfeeding journey, here at Royal Care Medical Eldoret, we offer skilled counselling to new mothers on best foods to eat when breastfeeding, hygiene during nursing as well as the need for partner support.

This way, a woman will be better placed to exclusively breastfeed her baby for the required 6 months and continue breastfeeding their baby till they hit 2 years.

Check out all that we train on breastfeeding in Kenya

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