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Does Pregnacare breastfeeding increase breast milk? Yes, it Does

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Does Pregnacare breastfeeding increase breast milk for Kenyan mothers?

Yes it does.

One way to increase your breastmilk production is to eat healthy foods rich in proteins plus taking lots of drinks throughout the day. Some great foods for breastfeeding in Kenya that we have been able to look at include njahi(black peas), mrenda, saga, mito and fermented porridge.

You also need to keep healthy, stay away from stress or anything that would distract you from producing milk for your baby.

Even after checking off these things, some Kenyan women might still find that they are not producing enough milk to exclusively breastfeed their babies. Well, here is where we recommend that you take breastfeeding supplements to increase your milk production.

One supplement that we usually stock at our outpatient facility in Eldoret is pregnacare breastfeeding supplement. While the supplement is recommended for pregnant mothers, it can still be taken even after birth when you are breastfeeding your baby.

Ingredients of pregnacare breastfeeding supplement for Kenyan mothers

Here are the ingredients in your pregnacare supplement for breastfeeding:

  • · Vitamin D

  • · Vitamin E

  • · Vitamin C

  • · Thiamin

  • · Riboflavin

  • · Niacin

  • · Vitamin B6

  • · Folic Acid

  • · Vitamin B12

  • · Betacarotene

  • · Vitamin K

  • · Iron

  • · Magnesium

  • · Iodine

  • · Copper

How to take pregnacare breastfeeding supplement

It is recommended that you take one tablet of pregnacare everyday when breastfeeding. This way, you will see an increase of milk letdown.

What is the pregnacare breastfeeding price in Kenya?

At Royal Care Medical Eldoret, the cost for a pack of pregnacare is Kshs. 1030.

Pregnacare breastfeeding reviews

Mothers who have taken pregnacare breastfeeding supplement say that they were able to produce more milk for their babies. They also did not experience fatigue and cracked skins that those who do not take it experience.

How long should I take pregnacare breastfeeding?

According to Vitabiotics, the pharmaceutical company that makes Pregnacare, you need to take the supplement for 6 to 9 months after giving birth,

Some mothers might however be required to take it for longer than the recommended 9 months if they find that they have low breastmilk production.

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